What are tooth fillings?

Filling can help a lot with a decaying tooth that leaves cavities. Filling is simply getting rid of the part of your tooth that is decaying and forming a cavity. With a filling material of your choice the process is carried out to help prevent further decay. However, fillings can also be used in the repair of cracked or broken teeth.

A closer look at the filling process

The first step dentists take is to keep you composed. This can be done with a local anesthetic that will help you relax.

The anesthetic takes a while to kick in but once it does, the dentist will use air abrasion equipment, a drill and a laser to aid in the extraction of the decaying part of your tooth. To ensure that the decaying part of your tooth is completely removed, the dentist has to probe and test the affected area.

The presiding step after this is to give you a tooth bath so as to flush out debris and kill bacteria in case your filling ends up falling near the root, it is the work of the Roseville dentist to insert a liner of glass isonomer, composite resin or any other material that can aid in protecting the nerves in the tooth.

What is the best type of filling?

There are a lot of many fillings that can be used depending on your preference and the money at your disposal to help cater for your health bills.

Gold filling

Gold filling is recommended by many physicians in this field. The filling lasts for a very long time of up to 20 years or longer. Despite its durability, it does not break, corrode or bend on the strain while chewing. On the flip side, the cost of this procedure is very expensive given the current cost of gold and other variable costs like cost of dentist visits that should be at least two visits to ensure the filling is well set on your tooth.

Silver fillings

Another cheaper option is silver if you cannot afford to fill your tooth with gold. Silver is equally strong and durable as gold. Nonetheless, silver has a few demerits like discoloring your tooth giving it a grayish tan. Furthermore, some people may be allergic to this metal and the small amount of mercury included in the silver fillings.

Composite fillings

Majority of people get composite fillings despite the fact that they are not as durable as silver or gold. Their useful life is at most 6 years depending on where they are put. What is interesting about composite fillings is that they almost match the color of your tooth making it hard to tell the difference between a tooth that has been filled from one that hasn’t.

What are root canals?

We all have heard of the root canal procedure but are we aware of its necessity? This procedure has been around for many centuries and years. Ancient civilization performed the same procedure to root canal for the same reasons of saving teeth that could possibly be lost without it. However this procedure was only for the rich and royal families and not the commoners. Most peasants during hard times had their teeth removed and sold to the wealthy.

Ancient times misconceptions

Long in the ancient times people had some common beliefs about dentistry like the main cause of a decaying tooth was believed to be worms. Nowadays dentistry is so advanced and such beliefs are no longer there since people have knowledge thus enlightened. These ancient practices went as far as advising people to rinse their urine once night and day as a remedy for the condition. During 1728 this sick remedy was completely scrapped and proven as inefficient. A proper root canal procedure performed until today was introduced. This procedure involves the removal of the pulp tissue and cleaning the tooth.

Why is it important to have a root canal procedure?

The main purpose of the root canal procedure is to prevent decay and save a person’s tooth by removing the drying and dead pulp tissue. The purpose of the pulp tissue is to receive blood from the root’s tip. Decay can be very dangerous if not stopped on time since it can cause the tooth’s pulp to die. Once decay has reached to the pulp, it kills all the pulp tissues and can even cause toxins to spread into the jawbone. Once the jawbone has been infected, it can cause death.

When should a root canal procedure be performed?

A root canal needs to be performed immediately tooth decay has been noted. The problem can be fixed if the dentist in Redding performs the root canal as quickly as possible. The procedure commences once the dentist numbs the area before proceeding to drill a hole into the tooth. The dentist cleans the inside of the tooth by extracting the dead nerves and pulp. The procedure takes a lot of time since a lot of the dentist’s expertise is needed. However, despite the procedure being long it is very effective an important. The root canal procedure can take several hours for the whole procedure to be complete. On the flip side it is better to spend those many hours having a dentist save your tooth rather than loose it.


It is recommended that you receive regular dental checkups several times a year. This is because you may have a decaying tooth that may need the root canal procedure. Nevertheless, the health of your teeth can help in your overall health.

What are dental veneers?

These are simply advancement in the dentistry world of today. Dental crowns were used to alter the color and shape of teeth. Dental crowns could simply be used to manipulate to manipulate the shape of the tooth, reshape or to enlarge its size. The main demerit of the crown is that the natural architecture of the tooth is lost in order to create room for the dental crown.

What is the benefit of dental veneers over dental crowns?

Preventing the loss of natural tooth structure- dental veneers work is similar to crowns the only difference is that veneers work without much interference to the structure of the tooth.

Veneers, what are they?

These are small custom made shells that resemble the tooth and that cover the upper area of the tooth. They are usually made from resin composite materials or porcelain. They have a striking resemblance to the real tooth even reflecting light as much as the enamel of the real tooth. These resin veneers are considerably thin making them ideal to be placed on the surface of the tooth without interfering with the structure of the tooth. Your top dentist 96002 should run several tests and prescribe the best veneer for you.

Advantages of veneers

Since they are made of porcelain, they have optimum advantages as compare to dental crowns and composite bonding. Most physicians in this field recommend dental veneers since they are a conservative treatment. Veneers still offer similar abilities to manipulate color and shape of the tooth just like dental crowns. Nevertheless, dental veneers are stain resistant. They look completely natural when color matched with adjacent teeth.

What dental problems do veneers solve?

These cosmetic problems include:

  • Space separating teeth: the width of teeth can be increased to reduce the space between them.
  • Shaping: teeth can be shortened or lengthened to make a smile better.
  • Staining: there are several reasons why staining occurs one of them being the cause of tetracycline and some other medication. This type of staining is stubborn and hard to get rid of unless veneers come into play and cover the stains.
  • Damage: teeth can be damaged by either being broken or chipped.
  • Crooked: teeth that are crooked can be easily corrected with the help of dental veneers.

Can anyone get dental veneers?

It is very important for you to consider any long-term repercussion of any dental procedure. Take an example, once you get dental veneers it is not reversible although they can last a very long time. However, just like dental crowns, there comes a time when restoration or replacement is required. There are several reasons that can rule you out as a good candidate for dental veneers. This could include: poor health of your teeth.

What are dental implants?

Missing teeth are usually replaced by complete dentures, bridges or partial dentures. Bridges depend on adjacent natural teeth for support. Sadly, the bridges end up compromising the natural adjacent teeth in the long haul. These dentures that are given after removal of teeth are no equally strong and tight as the previous natural teeth. Thus, chewing efficiency may be compromised as well as the health of the dental patient. Loose dentures can at times be an embarrassment to an individual socially. The more reason comfortable and durable dental implant should be considered.

Dental implants, what are they?

Well, a simple way to look at an implant is as titanium made metallic screw carefully inserted in the jaw bone to replace the absent tooth.

Can anyone get a dental implant?

Almost anyone can qualify for a dental implant given that they are of good health. Many people think that a person’s age is the main variable that is considered in case one is in need of the best dental implants in Santa Rosa. Well, this is not the case at all that is required is that you are of good health.

What is the main advantage of dental implants?

Unlike dental bridges and dentures, dental implants are the best in fixing the problem of absent teeth.

What is it like having a dental implant?

Dental implants firmly integrate into your bone’s structure. This helps with gum recession and bone loss. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a dental implant and real tooth.so, if you are worried about people noticing your dental implant you shouldn’t worry.

Can a dental implant affect the quality of my adjacent teeth?

Unlike dentures and bridges that utilize the support of adjacent strong teeth, dentures are independent. So the adjacent teeth will not be altered at all which is a good long term advantage to oral health.


Implants can really help you regain your confidence when you are among your peers since it is hard to tell whether you’ve had an implant. Nevertheless, they are strongly and firmly anchored unlike dentures.

Can a dental implant fail?

Dental implants are considerably successful. The rate of success in healthy patients ranges from 97% to 99%. However, there are some variables that can affect dental implantation. They include: major medical problems, smoking or unmonitored diabetes which can really affect integration chances.

How is a dental implant done?

Once the quantity and quality of the underlying bone has been assessed and considered good, the implantation process can be undertaken by a faciomaxillary surgeon. Anesthesia will have to be use during the procedure. The estimated healing time needed for the dental implant to completely integrate is about an estimate of three to six months.

What are dental crowns?

These are simply caps used to protect your teeth; these crowns are usually placed over your teeth. Dental crowns are made to completely resemble your teeth such that it is hard to tell the difference between them and your tooth. Nevertheless, they can be custom made according to your preferences be it porcelain, gold or even silver colored.

When does a dentist recommend a dental crown?

There are several cases where one might be required to have a dental crown or crowns.one of the major cases is when a dental patient has very weak teeth or tooth that could anytime begin to break. The main cause of tooth breakage is tooth decay and in some cases accidents.

What is the purpose of dental crowns?

In case you have a broken or quickly decaying tooth a dentist might recommend a dental crown to restore appearance of your tooth especially if it is in the front. There are some special devices used in filling a broken tooth, they are very helpful in case a patient has very little amount of teeth left after it has been broken. A dentist might recommend capping of teeth that are severely discolored or misshapen for a more attractive look.

These dental implants are made in a way that they completely take the shape of the tooth. Nonetheless, these implants really help when a patient requires a cosmetic modification of the mouth. This is simply means constructing caps that make all the teeth look and appear the same height and size thus correcting superficial flaws.

Pediatric dental problems

Stainless steel crowns are often used on baby teeth when they have high risk of decay and when they do not have enough of the tooth left to firmly hold tooth repair materials. The child does not require another detour to the dentist incase a tooth needs to be removed. The implant simply comes off with the tooth.

Metal alloy caps

Different caps can be used depending on the position of the tooth or teeth that need implantation. Gold, silver or other metal alloy caps are best suited for back teeth since they encounter a lot of strain when one is chewing. These kinds of caps are made to withstand this kind of strain.

Porcelain caps

Porcelain caps are hardly used for back teeth implants since they are poor in resisting strains placed on them. Porcelain caps are colored to resemble your teeth and once an implant is complete it is usually very hard to tell the difference. However, these caps are more delicate and expensive. Just like normal teeth is chipped and broken, so are porcelain caps. Thus, it is very important you take caution when chewing and biting.