What are dental crowns?

These are simply caps used to protect your teeth; these crowns are usually placed over your teeth. Dental crowns are made to completely resemble your teeth such that it is hard to tell the difference between them and your tooth. Nevertheless, they can be custom made according to your preferences be it porcelain, gold or even silver colored.

When does a dentist recommend a dental crown?

There are several cases where one might be required to have a dental crown or crowns.one of the major cases is when a dental patient has very weak teeth or tooth that could anytime begin to break. The main cause of tooth breakage is tooth decay and in some cases accidents.

What is the purpose of dental crowns?

In case you have a broken or quickly decaying tooth a dentist Fort Worth might recommend a dental crown to restore appearance of your tooth especially if it is in the front. There are some special devices used in filling a broken tooth, they are very helpful in case a patient has very little amount of teeth left after it has been broken. A dentist might recommend capping of teeth that are severely discolored or misshapen for a more attractive look.

These dental implants are made in a way that they completely take the shape of the tooth. Nonetheless, these implants really help when a patient requires a cosmetic modification of the mouth. This is simply means constructing caps that make all the teeth look and appear the same height and size thus correcting superficial flaws.

Pediatric dental problems

Stainless steel crowns are often used on baby teeth when they have high risk of decay and when they do not have enough of the tooth left to firmly hold tooth repair materials. The child does not require another detour to the dentist in case a tooth needs to be removed. The implant simply comes off with the tooth.

Metal alloy caps

Different caps can be used depending on the position of the tooth or teeth that need implantation. Gold, silver or other metal alloy caps are best suited for back teeth since they encounter a lot of strain when one is chewing. These kinds of caps are made to withstand this kind of strain.

Porcelain caps

Porcelain caps are hardly used for back teeth implants since they are poor in resisting strains placed on them. Porcelain caps are colored to resemble your teeth and once an implant is complete it is usually very hard to tell the difference. However, these caps are more delicate and expensive. Just like normal teeth is chipped and broken, so are porcelain caps. Thus, it is very important you take caution when chewing and biting.