What are root canals?

We all have heard of the root canal procedure but are we aware of its necessity? This procedure has been around for many centuries and years. Ancient civilization performed the same procedure to root canal for the same reasons of saving teeth that could possibly be lost without it. However this procedure was only for the rich and royal families and not the commoners. Most peasants during hard times had their teeth removed and sold to the wealthy.

Ancient times misconceptions

Long in the ancient times people had some common beliefs about dentistry like the main cause of a decaying tooth was believed to be worms. Nowadays dentistry is so advanced and such beliefs are no longer there since people have knowledge thus enlightened. These ancient practices went as far as advising people to rinse their urine once night and day as a remedy for the condition. During 1728 this sick remedy was completely scrapped and proven as inefficient. A proper root canal procedure performed until today was introduced. This procedure involves the removal of the pulp tissue and cleaning the tooth.

Why is it important to have a root canal procedure?

The main purpose of the root canal procedure is to prevent decay and save a person’s tooth by removing the drying and dead pulp tissue. The purpose of the pulp tissue is to receive blood from the root’s tip. Decay can be very dangerous if not stopped on time since it can cause the tooth’s pulp to die. Once decay has reached to the pulp, it kills all the pulp tissues and can even cause toxins to spread into the jawbone. Once the jawbone has been infected, it can cause death.

When should a root canal procedure be performed?

A root canal needs to be performed immediately tooth decay has been noted. The problem can be fixed if the dentist performs the root canal as quickly as possible. The procedure commences once the dentist numbs the area before proceeding to drill a hole into the tooth. The dentist cleans the inside of the tooth by extracting the dead nerves and pulp. The procedure takes a lot of time since a lot of the dentist’s expertise is needed. However, despite the procedure being long it is very effective an important. The root canal procedure can take several hours for the whole procedure to be complete. On the flip side it is better to spend those many hours having a best Olympia dentist save your tooth rather than loose it.


It is recommended that you receive regular dental checkups several times a year. This is because you may have a decaying tooth that may need the root canal procedure. Nevertheless, the health of your teeth can help in your overall health.