How a dentist fixes a tooth cavity?

cavityThe mouth of a human being if filled with lots of acids that are produced by the bacteria that is in the mouth. These are the acids that will then erode the teeth causing what is commonly known as tooth decay.

Many people have always wondered why they take care of their teeth such as brushing but at the end of the day their teeth will still erode. This is due to these bacteria that are in the mouth. When this decay is not taken care of in time, this is what will later lead to tooth cavities which are holes that will develop on the teeth.

Spread of cavities

These cavities will continue to develop until the whole teeth will have nothing left of it. When one is in this kind of situation, it is better for them to find a dentist so that their teeth can be salvaged before the rest follow suit. There are a couple of procedures that the dentists perform in order to fix these cavities. They include:


This is probably one of the most effective ways that is available today that one can use when they want to minimize the spread of the decay. Many Citrus Heights dentists will recommend to their patients that they make use of this substance in order to limit this spread of the decay. Although it can be found naturally on foods and drinks that people take, it can also be manufactured such as the synthetic fluoride which is normally found in toothpaste.

This element usually strengthen the enamel and also is known to make the teeth stronger and able to resist the decay by acids. When the cavity has spread, the dentist will apply a concentrated fluoride gel on the tooth that is affected.

Filling cavities

When the cavity has enlarged and the dentist will want to counter the spread, this is where the cavity is filled with a filling material. This substance that is filled in the cavity is the one that will prevent the bacteria from reaching the teeth. When a tooth is not treated on time, it normally wear out gradually and eventually will drop off from the jawbone. This process may repeat on all the other teeth types and eventually one will be left toothless.

Root canals

This is a procedure that is performed by the doctor in order to fix a tooth which the decay has even touched the pulp of the tooth. This means that the dentist will take the infected pulp out and then will replace it with an artificial one. Some people argue that the process is painful but due to the new methods that have been developed, it is no longer painful like it used to be before. This replacement is what is known as root canal.