The importance of flossing in our daily lives

What is flossing

To some this may appear as just a general term which may be obvious in meaning but just to clear the air, flossing is a routine practice that involves running a string between teeth in a bid to get rid of any food particles that may be stuck in between. It is highly recommended by dentists all over and goes a long way in ensuring proper oral hygiene.

Flossing and brushing are more effective

Most people may follow the recommended standards of brushing twice daily but how effective is it. Sure maybe a toothbrush can remove the bacteria and plaque logged on the surface of the teeth through its bristles . This is enhanced majorly by using toothpaste which helps eliminate any food particles as well as kill bacteria while leaving a lasting fresh breathe. But that notwithstanding some of its drawbacks  a toothbrush can’t clean in between teeth and on the gums. That’s where flossing comes in by ensuring one flosses’ at least once a day oral hygiene can be maintained.

Flossing goes a long way in protecting of gums

Through a clear understanding of the arrangement of teeth within the mouth , one is able to see just how big of a role flossing plays in ensuring good hygiene. This is more so when it comes to gums.

When tiny particles are logged in between the teeth , this may lead to a gradual decay this decay is what causes plaque. This plaque deposit if gone undetected may accumulate forming tartar which is a hard deposit. This is what leads to gingivitis which is characterized by red swollen gums. If allowed the tartar can go even deeper within the gums causing more damage. It can easily lead to periodontal disease which involves severe inflammation of the gums leading to loss of teeth and damaging the flossing

Saves a lot of money

Let’s face it, it’s not all of us who are at the luxury of spending all the money catering for medical bills. Moreover, it’s really not such a prestigious way to spend money for starters. But it is out right clear that a lot of funds can be consolidated simply by giving oral hygiene the attention it requires. This is not by just brushing teeth but also flossing, this prevents the exposure to gum diseases such as gingivitis and also ensures oral hygiene is upheld.

Through regularly flossing and visiting the New York City dentist for regular check up, one is able to detect early stages of any developing problem and quickly solve it. Research shows that those people who regularly go for dental checkups and observe oral hygiene regularly incurred far less medical costs in the long run as opposed to those who didn’t.

Helps in preserving a smile

To some this may not seem as a big deal, but in actual fact it’s bigger than most may assume. It is not healthy having to always think of what others opinion is about your alignment of teeth or something related to dental formula. Maybe you may be having gum problems which  led to loss of teeth as a result of gingivitis.

Truth is a procedure as simple as flossing may have considerable impact to even one’s self esteem. By regularly flossing one can avoid gum diseases  and even loss of teeth.


Through concerted action one should make effort towards ensuring oral hygiene is maintained. More so through flossing it helps improve hygiene between teeth and healthy gums