When should my kids get braces?

Braces can be won at any age as long as there is need. Whether children, teenagers or adults anyone can have them on. When a child starts developing milk teeth, the parent is likely to notice if there is a birth defect in their growth. Otherwise, milk teeth are usually beautiful and well arranged on the gums. Every parent desires that when milk teeth comes out, the adult teeth to have the same dental formula as the former.

kids-bracesUnfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. The teeth may grow in a crooked manner or even overgrow on top of each other. When this is noticed, the parent should take the kid to the Citrus Heights dentist for the condition to be rectified before it gets out of hand. At this point, one of the treatments that the dentist may prescribe is the use of braces. The braces are fixed on the kid’s teeth to help realign them so that they grow in a straight line.

This also helps to boost the kid’s personality especially if the others had teased him about their crooked teeth. It is also important for the parent to teach their kids about the importance of dental health.

Things to do before your kid gets braces

  1. Treat the child to the foods that they will not eat as long as they have the braces on. These are hard and sticky foods like caramel and beef jerky. These may interfere with the braces. Explain to the kid why they will not be able to have these kinds of food when they have the braces.
  2. The child should be made aware of the health benefits of having the braces. They should know the advantages of the new development on their teeth. The parent and the dentist should carefully explain to the kid why they need the braces and if possible let them know the end results.
  3. Be positive about the whole experience. With such an attitude, the personality of the child is not likely to be affected. They will have a feeling that it is a good thing for them.

Factors to consider before fixing braces for the kid

  1. The cost- The parent should go for the type of braces that they can comfortably afford without affecting their budget significantly. The cost of the subsequent checkups should also be factored in.
  2. Always get a qualified dentist who has a high success rate. The parent can get referrals from the others who may have dealt with the qualified orthodontist.
  3. Have the braces fixed from a certified health facility. One can always get information from the others who have gone through the same process and succeeded.